‘Maiden to Mother’ Doula Package

‘Maiden to Mother’ Doula Package

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As your birth doula I provide one on one birth preparation designed to bring you back into alignment with your inner voice, your personal power and your innate wisdom to give birth. You choose to have me as your doula because you know what you need is already within you, I’ll just guide you along the way. I provide continuous labour support as a companion who provides care physically, emotionally & spiritually, as your doula my primary responsibility is to you the birthing mother – not the hospital & its lame policies or nurses, midwifes, doctors etc, it’s all about YOU, your baby & your partner.

What’s included:

  • Catch up over coffee to see if we are a good fit (complimentary & obligation free)
  • 2 x 1hr antenatal visits: Explore your needs, desires & concerns for birth, provide you with essential tools to aid in achieving the birth you desire. We will go over active birth positions, relaxation techniques, basic education about hormones & the physiology of birth, breastfeeding & the fourth trimester tips, nutrition & supplement advice with referrals to my community of local professionals to provide further specialised support where needed. I encourage your partner to be there too so I can help your partner prepare for their role in your birth as well as spending time together to create comfort & trust among us as your birth team. We will spend a session together to prepare your birth plan discussing medical interventions, pain relief, routine practices & what choices are available to you. Together we will outline what your preferences are for your birth & how to advocate for those choices.
  • On call from 38 weeks & contactable 24/7 in early labour, once in active/established labour I will come to you at your home or the hospital & stay 1-2 hours after your baby is born.
  • Labour & birth support – provide continuous physical, emotional & informational support for you & your partner. Please refer to ‘what is a doula’ to see the comprehensive list of what this may look like.
  • 1 x 1hr postpartum visit- birth debrief, discuss any questions or concerns, offer early parenting, nutrition/supplement & breastfeeding advice with referrals to my community of local professionals to provide further specialised support where needed.
  • Ongoing phone & email support for you & your partner through pregnancy, birth & 1 week postpartum.
  • You will have access to my lending library of books and movies for resources about pregnancy, birth and baby care to enhance your learning.
  • Tote bag with samples & discount codes supporting local birth & beyond related business’s
  • My gift to you: The Village for Mama Book - A postpartum recipe book with recipe gift cards to help modern mamas gather their village and organise homemade meal giving for their fourth trimester. Delicious recipes designed alongside a naturopath to help replenish and nourish a new mama post birth. Recipes cater to all mamas including vegan, gluten free and dairy free options
  • Servicing Gold Coast, Northern Rivers, Logan & Brisbane. Travel fee applies outside of the Gold Coast.

Learn more about what is a Doula here

Doula Terms and Conditions

A $500 non-refundable deposit is due within 7 days of our agreement, if a deposit is not received within this time as promised, your booking will be unfortunately cancelled. The Doula contract must be signed and returned at time of agreement.

Full upfront payment is appreciated however payment plans are available. The balance must be paid in full by 36 weeks. Once the deposit is paid you will be sent details with options on how to pay the balance.

Cancellation policy: You may cancel up until 35 weeks, you will receive a refund minus the deposit, less services rendered. As of 36 weeks no refund applies. In the event of a caesarean section no refund is applicable. The doula will support the client through that birth experience and help prepare the client for the best outcome for her & her family.

The client is clear on the scope of practice of the birth doula & understands they are NOT a medical professional as per the Doula contract.

For full T&C’s please access the Doula Contract here

Does this sound like you?..

-Your gut tells you there has to be a better way to birth but your not sure what that looks like, you don't want to be another horror story, your questioning things & want to unearth your true birthing potential

-You're determined to get prepared for your birth & have the best team around you, to provide the best start to life for your baby & for yourself as you transition into motherhood

-There is soooo much information out there, you want to cut through the crap, to have honest & real conversations with ongoing support. You might also be sick of the hippy dippy vibe or 'guru' mentality.

-You're a bit scared (or maybe alot!) that's ok, you can change this. Fear is the enemy. You want to trust in yourself, the process of birth, be unwavering in your decisions & to surrender to the beauty of it all

-You want to march to the beat of your own drum, not be the 'good girl' you're told to be, you are in a league of your own & you want to embody the words...CALM MIND, FIERCE SPIRIT.