Free Better Birth Info Session

Pregnant? - Tick! Prepared for labour? Umm yeah about that...

Pregnant and afraid of the pain in labour?
Wanting to avoid an episiotomy during birth? But afraid of tearing?
Want to avoid drugs but don't know how?
How do I know I'm in labour? When should I go to the hospital?
I don't know how to push my baby out?
What if my baby is too big?
How can my partner help during labour?
Want to be educated & empowered? Being informed is the best decision you can make!

What will you learn?

-My Top 5 tips for a better birth

-How to avoid a traumatic birth

-How to experience less pain, fear and worry before and during birth

-How HypnoBirthing® can help you birth in calm and comfort

-How to choose the best care provider

-How to reduce the likelihood of needing an intervention

-How to reduce the need for drugs

-What is a Doula?

-Watch a positive HypnoBirth video

-Q&A + much more…

Held monthly on a Saturday 9-10am via ZOOM only.

By attending you will receive $50 off any of my childbirth education classes OR the Village For Mama Book valued at $65 when locking in your spot that day, places are usually limited so get in first.

Bookings are essential as these sessions do book out (be careful, because you might leave feeling differently about your upcoming birth - You’ve got this mama!)

This is a 1 hour session, with opportunities to ask questions throughout, we can run over time if we get talking so please allow for this.

Partners and/or your support person are welcome and encouraged to come along. Got kids? That’s ok too.

If you cant make it after registering please let me know so I can offer your spot to someone else wanting to attend.

Upcoming Sessions:
Currently not running any sessions, please get in touch if you need some assistance x

The only way is through

You may not realise it yet but birth is transformational & powerful… and so are you, so lets awaken that inner flame and allow you to surrender to the magic of it all with your partner by your side bringing your baby into this world together. Yay!