Doula FAQ's

A doula is a birth companion who offers education, research, emotional & physical support to a woman & her partner before, during & after childbirth, learn lots more here.

Anytime is perfect to engage my services, the earlier you book means we can work together to prepare for your desired birth but I can always step in if you decide on a doula last minute. I only commit to a couple of woman at a time so I can fully be of service to you and not be ‘overbooked’ when you go into labour. Learn about my packages here.

All births, however you choose to birth and wherever you choose to birth. Learn about my pacakges here

They are a game changer – learn more here

Nope we are a birth team, in fact I also help to support
the partners in their role, I’ve got their back too so you guys can fall even more in love with eachother after the birth of your baby. Teamwork makes the dream work

Yes lets do it, go to my get in touch page, sometimes emails go to junk so if you don’t hear from me please call just in case, I’m promise I’m not ignoring you.

I've tried to make the process as easy and streamlined as possible, Pick the service you want andcheckout – see what I offer here, if your having trouble then please get in touch here

HypnoBirthing FAQ's

A complete evidence based childbirth education series designed to reconnect you with your innate ability to birth calmly, confidently, & trust in your body whichever way your birthing journey takes you. Our program is now run in 8 of Australia’s most prestigious hospitals because of the amazing results our mums experience & is recommended by midwives and obstetricians. It has over 30 years of results using our proven tools and techniques. it is the only HypnoBirthing program with research, data and proven results. Learn more here

Ideally 20-34 weeks, but I’ll always find a way to make it work even if your overdue or we are in a lockdown. See class options here

Sure does, not only do thousands of couples around the world rave about it but it also has research to back it up, did you know it’s been around for over 30 years, is taught in the most prestigious hospitals and …read more here.

By preparing you mentally, physically, emotionally & spiritually through Evidence based education, mindfulness, self-hypnosis, visualisation, breathing techniques, affirmations, deep relaxation & much more. Learn more here.

So much we had to break it up into 5 classes so we don’t overload your brain with too much information, see the course outline here

Definitely, in fact we encourage it. Your partner has an integral  part to play & is not just an on looker, We spend a whole session teaching your birth companion how to support you. Your birth companion can be anyone who is supporting you through birth, could be your husband, partner, mother, sister, friend etc

We can zoom you in or you can come along for free to the next block of classes for that particular session face to face or online. Otherwise a make up class will incur a $195 fee for a 2.5hrs private make up session.

Private class option is the best bet here, we base classes to suit your schedule in your home. Otherwise the online option may suit your needs financially.

First of all you are amazing! Second of all get yourself a Doula & thirdly you can still attend classes, feel free to bring along a friend or whoever if you feel more comfortable with, otherwise on your own is totally ok too.

I will NOT tolerate rude, hateful & disrespectful behaviour towards myself, colleagues or fellow class members/families, thisapplies in person or to online trolls. If you have engaged my services I reserve the right to withdraw my services with no refund & will not hesitate to block you, think of it as a tax for mean people, I will then donate said money to a worthy cause to spread more kindness in lieu of the poor behaviour.

Come along and chat at my next ‘Free Better Birth Info Session register here or get in touch here. sometimes emails go to junk so if you don’t hear from me please call just in case, I promise I’m not ignoring you.